Daylight Savings

Did anyone else get caught out by daylight savings? I must have been the only person who didn’t realise it started yesterday. It was only when I heard the reminder to put the clocks forward on the news on Saturday night that I realised that I was very unprepared for the change to the time.

As I get older (just clocked my 46th time around the sun) I realise how much I don’t actually enjoy it. Maybe that’s because unlike in my youth where I was happy to sleep the day away, I now prefer to be up early and getting shit done first thing. So in the peak of summer I am often going to bed during daylight hours. Nothing like that to make you feel old and out of date!!

A few questions I do have though:

  • Why does it start so early when we still have the heater on here? I am happy for it to be over the actual summer period
  • Why does it start on the last weekend of school holidays? The kids are exhausted as it is without taking away an hour of sleep!
  • Why does it seem to start earlier every year? Maybe I haven’t been paying attention in previous years.

Anyway, for the first time ever on the first night of daylight savings I was actually in bed at my normal time of 9.30pm. Even though it was technically an hour earlier I still went straight to sleep. Nothing like a busy week to make you exhausted.

Apparently, I should have been getting the kids ready for the change by getting them to go to bed 15 minutes earlier for few days prior. But as any mum knows school holidays makes that idea null and void. Our house on school holidays sees bedtimes not being strictly adhered to. So I will be putting up with already tired children trying to adjust to the new times this week.

My guess is a man thought that the last weekend of school holidays would be a good date to start daylight savings. Probably thought his wife would sort out the kids! Hah!

Maybe when the weather finally warms up having daylight savings will make sense. But it is annoying that when I get up to take Evie, our puppy, for a walk and it is dark again. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the early mornings are light again.

Did you get caught out by daylight savings as well or are you more organised than me and were ready?

Happy sleeping!