Consistent sleep is the best sleep.

A consistent sleep schedule has been a game changer for me this year. It was something that I had resisted for a long time. I mean how boring does going to bed every night at the same time sound? Dullsville right!!

But it turns out having a consistent sleep routine has been the best thing I have done for my sleep and for my overall well being this year. It also something that I want to maintain for 2020.

By going to bed around the same time each night it means that most mornings I wake without an alarm clock. There is nothing worse than wanting to throw your alarm clock across the room when you are in the deepest sleep and it starts going off. There is nothing gentle or relaxing about waking up that way.

I guess I was getting tired (no pun intended) of having the alarm clock screaming at me each morning. It didn’t make for a great start to the day.

Making the decision to be more consistent with my sleep schedule was not something I just woke up one day and realised I needed to do, but rather something that evolved this year as I got more protective about my sleep. I was finding I was so exhausted by 9.30pm that I was going to bed at that time anyway. Then I found myself waking up earlier each day and now usually wake up around 5.15 am with no alarm clock. There are still some days where I wake up feeling like crap but for the most part I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Your body clock also loves to keep a consistent sleep schedule as it will help you with falling asleep and waking up. A consistent sleep schedule helps your body find its natural sleep and wake pattern. This means you will feel more awake during the day and more sleepy at night. I have noticed I don’t have the 3.00 pm slump on most days. I still have enough energy to get through the after school activities and dinner shenanigans.

This consistent schedule also needs to be kept on the weekends. I know, I know, how boring but I can confirm it definitely helps!

When I was younger I used to be very consistent with my sleep schedule during the week but come the weekend all bets were off. Usually because Friday and Saturday night were for going out. Now with three children I am happy to have an early night on the weekend if we have no plans. How times have changed!

Now I stick to my schedule all week including the weekends. Sure there are times when I have a late night , but as they are not a regular occurrence, I find it easy to get back into my routine.

So far our Christmas season commitments aren’t too crazy but if I want to make it to the end of year not too exhausted I will have to make sure I don’t have too many late nights. The silly season and late nights seem to go hand in hand but as long as I am prioritising my sleep I should make it to 2020 without being exhausted.

Another reason my consistent sleep schedule has come about is because our teenager goes to bed later now, usually around 9 pm. This means to get a few moments to myself I have to get up early in the morning before the rest of the house is up. So I need to stick to my schedule so I can get up around 5.30 am.

I am actually enjoy getting up early now. In the past if you told me I was going to be regularly getting up at 5.30 am I would have thought you were mad. How things have changed!

I know the junior sleep lovers all benefit from a consistent sleep schedule too. Mr Sleeplover and I don’t have to remind them it is bedtime as they know what time they go to bed. We are still struggling with the junior sleep lover to get her into a consistent sleep schedule. It has been a challenging year getting her to bed at a reasonable time but I can see the light at end of tunnel as we make progress with her each week.

Getting the junior sleep lover into a consistent sleep schedule is a priority for 2020. I’m not sure I can go another year with her sleep issues.

As a mum I know there can be lots of reasons why you can’t get a good nights sleep (small children, sick children, Netflix, partners who snore, uncomfortable pillows, aches and pains and the list goes on…). But as my children have gotten older you do start getting more sleep. There is hope that you will sleep again!

To to all the mums out there who exhausted all the time and are struggling with your sleep, try going to bed at a consistent time for a week or two. It is surprising how this one change can make such difference.

Happy sleeping!