Hi there, I’m Deanne and welcome to Sleep Lover where I share my obsession with sleep and all things sleep related.  I love, love, love sleep (and naps), but like most people I never get enough.  My love and appreciation for sleep really began when my now 12 year old daughter did not learn to sleep till she was 17 months old.  That was an exhausting time but thankfully we got through it and she became a great sleeper, and still is.

Sleep Lover is my journey to a betters night sleep where I will be sharing my personal stories as well as the latest trends, facts and products with you, but still keeping it real.  It is my wish to help you finally find the perfect nights sleep as well.

Most days I am trying, usually not very successfully, to make healthy school lunches, wearing my favourite jeans and avoiding going to the supermarket.

When I’m not busy working on Sleep Lover you can find me catching up with my family and friends over breakfast or a green tea, but never coffee, learning how to knit, dropping off and picking up the three Junior Sleep Lovers from their activities and hanging out with our cavoodle puppy.  Her name is Evie and she is a cutie!

Besides sleep, I am most passionate about my family, baking the perfect sponge cake and all things Netflix.

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