Self-care is not selfish

Who else needs this reminder? I the terrible for not making time for self care and am now only realising how important and beneficial it is. I need to remember that taking time out for… View Post
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World Sleep Day 2019

Today is World Sleep Day. The 12th annual World Sleep Day is hosted by the World Sleep Society and this years slogan is ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Ageing’ and highlights the importance of sleep in overall… View Post
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Health goals for 2019.

2019 slow down! Does anyone else felt like this year is already flying by? I must admit I have only really just started to get into the year. I still haven’t even sorted out my… View Post
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Back to work

Hello, well it has been very quiet here on the Sleep Lover blog and the reason for my absence is I have gone back to full time work.  After fourteen years of being at home… View Post
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A delicious nights sleep.

This morning I woke up after the most delicious nights sleep.  Although I am not sure if sleep has ever been described as delicious before. Why was it so delicious?  When I woke up I… View Post
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